Frequently Asked Questions.

What is a temporary email address?

It’s an inbox that receives emails and automatically deletes them after a predetermined period. you can use it when registering to untrusted web sites.

When choosing a name, is it allocated for the single user that picks such name? or can be accessed by more than one person at the same time?

inboxes are public, they can be accessed by anyone, treat nada inboxes as non private and do not use them for anything you need to be private. When receiving messages if applicable delete them as soon as you are done reading them.

How long will the inbox keep incoming emails?

for up to 7 days unless manually deleted by you, using the delete button.

Where is the delete button?

When you view an individual message, a delete button appears on the menu.

I accidentally deleted an important email can you recover it?

No, once an email is deleted it is deleted forever, you may request the sender to resend the required email again.

Why would I need such a temporary email service.

Disposable email is usually used by individuals to register to untrusted sites such as sweepstakes forums and social sites while keeping their real email address private and secure.

How is it different than opening another gmail inbox?

It does not require registration or passwords, and emails are automatically deleted after a period of time.

Why can’t I send emails from this service?

We do not support sending of any emails out due to security concerns, we are here to fight spam and unwanted emails, not create more of them.

Why can’t I reply to received emails

Allowing replies to received emails opens up all kinds of unwanted use cases. Nada is designed to allow registration to web sites and confirming your email. It’s not designed as a communication platform.

I forgot which mail box I used can you help me track it down.

If you didn’t write down the email address you used we do not have any way to find it.

Can you help me find the ip of a user who used the system to receive emails at a specific address?

No, we do not keep ip logs of users of the service, all logs are deleted after 24 hours and any ip information is encrypted in such a way we can not access the addresses ourselves.

How can I use my inboxes on a different computer?

You would have to manually add them on the other computer, the mailbox list on the sidebar is saved in local storage in your specific browser.